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--Crisp, gorgeous black and white art with an original storyline

Alien Loves Predator --Aliens, speed dating, with occasional appearances by Jesus (sporatic updates)

--An original take on extradimensional travel

--I'm a sucker for skeletal dogs.

--Lovely art with pretty boys and killer foxes.

Copper --Sweet, poignant, everything that usually it anyway

--Because I have a thing for dark elves.

--Very cute art with an unconventional heroine.

Errant Story --Flying talking cats, hit men, wise ass teens and half elves

--Eet ees Frrench, jus like zee fries 'n zee toast, oui?

The Front --A very cute mutant superhero story with a sardonically funny reluctant hero (Completed storyline)

--Brains and beauty and Jaegar monsters

Goodbye Chains --A Communist and a bank robber in 1880s Colorado

Gothbunnies --Nothing like that cute little bunny you got for Easter.

--Complete storyline.

--Prohibition Era schenanigans...with cats!

--Because the heroine's name is Bactine

--Pretty boys compensating for inadequacies with big swords

--A cute girl and her comic book store

--Fairy tales, folded, spindled, and mutilated

Paradigm Shift --Features an ass-kicking female protagonist who is much more than she seems.

Piled Higer and Deeper --For anyone who's ever gone to grad school, especially in the sciences

--The latest and greatest from the creator of Inverloch

--A cute mad scientist and the hot babes who own him

Purgatory Tower --Jaw on the floor, awesome art!

--Back from hiatus, features lovely artwork and a "very curious, indeed" storyline.

--A comic artist who can actually draw horses. Stunning color and shading.

Sin Fest --The devil, hand puppets, and female 'tude

--A unique take on bloodsuckers

Spider Bubblegum --This comic scores a very rare, "OMG! It's so cute!" Giant bugs, baby dragons and clever dialogue (Hasn't updated in a while.)

--I'm rather bored with epic fantasy, but there are exceptions...pretty men, pretty linework and sometimes in glorious color

--Dynamic linework and two intriguing protagonists

--Pretty women, prettier men, and wacky mahem

The WAVAM Project --Wonderful combination of gray-scale art with touches of colour; and vampires!

Wolf --I have a thing for lanky, redheaded guys. Yum.

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Modern Magic, Tales of Fantasy and Horror, an anthology which includes "Salvation in a Plastic Bag," a Talis and Breas story.
Orphans of the Storm, Whispering Spirits eZine's 2007 anthology, including the story "Jack's Sprat's Golem."

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