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The Cast


Morrigan Siobhan O'Connell (Regan)
Age: 130
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Elf/Vampire hybrid
Occupation: Project Manager (day)/Paranormal Agent (night)
Role: Befuddled Heroine
Regan is a Wolfe, a secret operative for the vampire syndicate the Grey Brethren, duties ranging from trade negotiations to culling Lesser vampires. She is far from a model employee. Besides diplomatic skills on par with Attila the Hun, she is unable to do more than rudimentary magic. The self-describe result of human and vampire hanky-panky, she should have no difficulty mastering magic. Unfortunately, magic didn't get that memo.

BelTalis'aresh ap Darafinet (Talis)

Age: 150
Gender: Male
Species: Mar'Gwynt
Occupation: Thief/Smuggler
Role: Best Friend
Though incorrectly called "dark elves," the Mar'Gwynt are a race of seafaring Fey. All Mar'Gwynt are pacifists, believing there is great magical power in non-violence. Though an exile from his homeland, Talis adheres to his people's code of pacifism. Consequently, he's loyal friend, but not much help in a fight. Not that it matters much to Regan, but deep down, Talis wishes, just once, he could rescue the girl instead of the other way around.

Breas Montrose
Age: 2000
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Occupation: Smuggler
Role: Thorn in Heroine's Side
Like Talis, Breas avoids confrontation. His motives, however, aren't quite so noble. Not schmopey or plagued with a conscience, Breas enjoys life and doesn't want to endanger his immortal existence. Unfortunately, he is magically linked to Regan and is dragged along everytime she stumbles onto danger.

Jason Astin-Blair
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Paranormal Agent
Role: The Love Interest
Jason comes from a long line of Holders. Despite his lineage, he didn't join the organization until his mid-twenties. Educated as a chemical engineer, he only signed on after the death of his sister in a suspicious car accident. A powerful sorcerer, Jason nonetheless maintains a certain ambivalence about his work for the Holders and isn't trusted by his superiors. (Name changed to Jason Astin-Lake in the novelization.)

Secondary (Living or some facimile)

A’LexKishal D’Aravian (Lex)--   Species: Fairy/Age: 250   One of Regan's longtime friends, Lex is blessed with too much money and too much time on her hands. When not raiding Regan's fridge in seach of ice cream, she chases anything male and good looking, including a not-too-appreciative Talis.

Bill--   Species: Horse/Age: 9   Bill came into Regan's life seven years ago, when a misguided friend rescued him from an abusive home and dumped him in her backyard. She tried to sell him, but since he was only two, ugly and untrained, she couldn't give him away. Time went by, he went from homely-horsy to coppery tan with a white-blond mane and she got attached.

Cullan O'Connell-- Species: Vampire/Age: 2000   Somewhat of an enigma among vampires, Cullan was a half-elf before being turned into a vampire. His conversion may not have been complete, allowing him to eventually father a living child (Morrigan [Regan] O'Connell). One of “The First”, a reference to the purity of his Source bloodline, he is also one of the “Eight” in the Grey Brethren's High Council. Sire of Argus, Kieran, Kadin and Camilla.

Cypher (various surnames)-- Species: Vampire/Age: 1000   Sired by Argus, she considers herself Regan's aunt. Grey Brethren, Commander, Order of the Dragon (Intelligence Service). Her name, certainly not her birth name, comes from her astonishing ability to break (decypher) any code and solve any puzzle. One of Breas Montrose's few friends.

Eva Pilar Osborne--   Species: Human/Age: 34   The Human Resources Specialist at Koar, Inc. and chronic matchmaker, Eva can't resist trying to cure Regan of her "singleness." The result is Regan's first date with Jason Blair.

Joan Wallace--   Species: Human/Age: 25   Computer programmer and Regan O'Connell's rather peculiar co-worker at Koar Inc.

Kadin Farahani--   Species: Vampire/Age: 900   Regan O'Connell's favorite "brother." Grey Brethren, Commander, Order of the Eagle. Consummate fighter, trained and skilled in all aspects of combat, it is fair to describe him as unbeatable. His “work” alone could easily be credited with the Compact of Non-Aggression (Holder/Grey Brethren War, c 1300).

Kyle Peterson--   Species: Human/Age: 32   Kyle's xenophobia toward all things non-human gives him a perfect mindset for membership in the Holders. Although possessing no innate magic, he is a skilled fighter and can use magically-enhanced weapons.


Holders of the True Light of the Sun (Holders)--Once upon a time the Fey (elves and fairies) and other Non-Earth Plane types owned a lot of Earth real estate. Sometime around the eighth century B.C., humans discovered iron and sent the Fey and most demon species packing. Owing to their propensity for taking all the upper management positions (kings, gods) and demanding virgin sacrifices, the departure of the Fey and Company was met with relief and drunken revelry among humans. After the dust settled and everyone's hangover wore off, it was clear that despite the change of address, Non-Earth folk could and did continue to meddle in Earth's affairs. The Holders of the True Light--the True Light is the sun as it shines on Earth Plane--were founded for the express purpose of keeping Earth a humans only, magic-free zone.

The Grey Brethren--The Grey Brethren are a sort of old boy's business club for vampires. Think of the Masons, with all the ritual, and very little of the charity work. Vampires, having started out as humans, think they have every right to call Earth home. The Holders disagree. About 700 years ago, the disagreement escalated to all out war between the Brethren and Holders, both sides nearly obliterating each other.

Nowadays, the two maintain an uneasy truce.

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